Setting Goals Using Mind Power

October 5, 2009 by admin  
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Setting weekly or monthly goals is something that takes discipline.  Without being disciplined, you will not achieve anything.  Setting goals also takes mind power.  It is a false belief that some people think that if you just say you are going to do something over and over again that it will happen. 


Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works.  Mind power is an effective tool if you do what you say you are going to do and consistently follow up. 

As previously mentioned, without discipline and mind power, you will not be successful.  Take the Boston Red Sox, for example.  If they are not practicing on the field everyday or preparing for their next game, they will not have the success to win at all.

So what strategies are you currently using to achieve your goals?  Are they working?  If they are not working, it is time to change your approach to creating and sticking to goals.  Nothing in life is going to happen unless you make it happen.  You need to have a game plan and get out there and play the game.

Start by sitting down on a Sunday evening and listing your goals for the week.  Make a list:  go to the gym three times this week, go to lunch with mom on Thursday, clean out my desk at work on Monday morning, have a date night with my husband Friday night, etc.  You get the picture.  Do not overdue it though. 

Do not try and list 30 things that you know you can’t do in a week.  So along comes Monday morning and you get to work and decide you can put off cleaning your desk until tomorrow.  I don’t think so, Hun.  You cannot procrastinate when you are trying to reach goals.  As the saying goes, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  So get to cleaning out that desk and then cross it off your list.

After work on Monday, hit the gym, also hit the gym Wednesday and Thursday, go to lunch with mom on Thursday and meet hubby at the finest restaurant in town after work on Friday.  And voila!  You have accomplished your goals for the week.  Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

If you happen to slip one week and not get something done, don’t beat yourself over it.  Try and determine why it happened and fix it for next week’s goals.

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