Overcoming Self-Doubt through Mind Power

November 16, 2009 by admin  
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The lack of self-confidence or in other words, self-doubt, is a very common problem that affects people of all ages. It has different ways of affecting people but almost always produce the same result; it produces fear that results to people failing to achieve what they are fully capable of. It keeps one from going out and meeting people, leads to turned down invitations, even declined opportunities for new experience and growth. Self-doubt is a great cause of disappointment, unhappiness and misery.

Self-doubt can be overcome, and it doesn’t even have to cost you money. Too often, people buy books and magazines in the hope of making things turn around. There are expensive seminars and audio tapes on the subject available in the market. While these might indeed be helpful, it might not be necessary. The answer is all in the mind. We’ve all heard the slogan “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” You may be laughing, this is true. You can’t overstate mind power.

Mind power, when properly developed, can be a source of strength and comfort and lead to overcoming self doubt. Our mind perceives the actions and events that happen all around us and bring out thoughts. Thoughts and ideas are the main products of our mind and these thoughts and ideas become basis of our beliefs that are stored in our mind and influence our decisions and courses of action. The way we decide and act is always determined by how we perceive ourselves in relation to the events happening around us.

Mind Power development is the cultivation of positive and affirming thoughts in our mind or consciousness. This is not about fooling ourselves into becoming what we are not. It is about affirming what we are and then deciding what we can do to improve our situation. I remember dreading those weekend karaoke night with friends from work. Try as I might, I could never imagine myself singing in front of all these people who I know will just be laughing at me.

But I finally realized that I could sing as good as some of these guys, even better. So, I got a few cds, selected one of the easier songs from among the lot and practiced singing till I became satisfied it could pass. And that was it, I armed myself with this one song, and no, I didn’t go out and volunteered to sing. But when it became inevitable that it would be my turn, I sang that same old piece. Once I got that out, I gained confidence to try the more difficult pieces, even the ones that I haven’t even tried at home.

Did I fool myself? No. But I did try to improve myself. And this isn’t all about karaoke. The same principle can be applied to physical, mental, even financial challenges. When we harness the mind power, we bring to fore our creative talent, our intensity and determination that may not have been there at the start. So, bid good bye to self doubt and unleash the full effect of mind power within you.

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