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September 28, 2009 by admin  
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Achieving personal power is all in your mind. If you put your mind power to it, you can achieve anything you want in life. The first thing you need to do is take responsibility. You must realize that every single thing that has happened in your life has happened because you either created or caused it.

You must take responsibility and not try and pass the blame to everyone else. You need to stand up and learn to be responsible. Now that is not to say that you have always had the power to control every single thing that has happened in your life but how you interpret those things is the power that only you have and you can change what happens in the future.
Take the time and really listen to what people are telling you. Yes we hear everything people tell us, but do we really listen. When you sit down and really listen to what someone is saying to you, you have the knowledge of what they are telling you.

Focus on maintaining the things you have possession rather than acquiring new things. People are so materialistic these days. You have the power and the control to keep your materials in manageable condition.

Watch your finances closely. Life is not always about money but fact it, money is power. It is the power to take your yearly vacation. It is the power to buy that new car you have been eyeing.

Reward yourself when you have accomplished a goal. Say you have set a goal of losing 10 pounds. You use your mind power and stick to that goal. Once you reach that goal, treat yourself to a new scarf or a massage at the local spa. You come first and you need to always remember that.

The key to mind power is to be honest about what you want in your life. Are you studying to be a nurse because your mom is a nurse? Do you have a job as a teacher because that is what your dad wanted you to do? What about what you want? You cannot begin to have what you want until you fully understand why you have what you have now.

Your primary goal in life is to create your own independence. You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. No one is going with you. Now that is not to say that you don’t need family, friends, spouses and children if that is what you desire but you should not have to depend on anyone for your basic needs. If you were left alone in this world, you should be able to survive with no problem.

Personal power is a great thing, but so is mind power.

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