The Popularity Of Mind Power

November 23, 2009 by admin  
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Mind Power.  It is not a new-age food, dance, or even a disorder.  Mind Power is an up and coming method of alternative healing.  But what is it all about?  Well, it does not involve drugs, a trip to the doctor, or a prescription. It takes an open mind and a desire to explore new and spiritual methods of healing. It is the natural evolution of believe and achieve, that we are all connected making ESP not only plausible but just a natural outgrowth of the universal mind. Mind power is the paradigm shift in the world’s mentality.

A Bit of History

To understand why mind power is becoming so popular, it would be best to get an understanding of where this newfound method came from.  In the 1960s and 70s, masses of people began to believe that there was something beyond the ego, self and body. This new spiritual understanding allowed mainstream people to accept that there was ways to heal both mind and body without using traditional medicine.  People began to seek spiritual enlightenment, seeking out monks and other enlightened gurus in search of the path to happiness.

How Does It All Work?

What does a Mind Power session involve? You do not need to fast or meditate to reap the benefits of this miraculous form of healing. You simply need to use what’s been vegetating between your two ears, change your belief and connect to the universe around you. When you do this, practice it and believe that you are not an island unto yourself, you begin to feel the universe shifting and repatterning itself. It becomes normal to know when people are calling before the phone rings or the doorbell sounds. You develop deep empathy and telepathy that is viewed as eerie and mysterious by some; you know it’s natural and normal.

First, a person should calm their mind, wear loose clothing and get comfortable. Then, the need to quiet the mind becomes the next big hurdle. It is almost impossible to quiet the scattered chaos of the mind for more than a few seconds, but with practice and time, it will become easier and easier. In those moments, Mind Power takes over and the universe shifts to meet your desires.

 It’s just that simple. As you practice, you will begin to see signs, portents of your desires manifesting into the reality of your life. You will also feel a peace that only comes with complete confidence in your connection to a higher being; a sense of purpose usually accompanies this feeling. 

Mind Power can’t be mastered; however, you can tap into the universe in a way that will make your dreams come true. It sounds hokey, but more and more, people are seeing the truth in the results and their world.

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