Defeating Addiction through Mind Power

November 2, 2009 by admin  
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With the many organizations and approaches available today on how to overcome addiction, you probably are wondering why in the world I’d come up with mind power. You’re probably asking, couldn’t I have come up with something better or more original?

Doubtless, the approaches, particularly those supported by medical science have worked wonders for countless individuals and have brought untold happiness to them and their families. But there are others, particularly those that ready to kick the habit but do not find the prospect of joining groups or coming out in the open where they are exposed to embarrassment and ridicule, an acceptable option. They have done their homework; they have struggled with realization and acceptance, and want to come to grips with their addiction, whether it is alcohol, drugs or porn, but have not had sufficient support to get it right. These are they, among others that could benefit from mind power.

Even those that are not saddled with any addiction problems can benefit from harnessing mind power. Mind power is unleashed when we are able to plant, cultivate and nurture positive and affirming thoughts in the mind or consciousness.

The mind perceives things that happen around it and as it does, produce thoughts or ideas. These thoughts and ideas is the output of the mind that is the foundation of beliefs which then influence actions and decisions. Actions and decisions of an individual are always shaped by how he perceives himself in relation to what is happening.

Therefore, when the mind is fed, nourished and nurtured with affirmations and positive ideas about the individual and everything in general, positive thoughts and ideas results, which ultimately leads to positive actions. The beauty of this is that, the more the cycle is repeated, the more resilient the mind becomes and more able to surmount challenges, even perceived challenges.

When an individual puts it in his mind that he can, and he has the capacity to overcome his addiction, he has taken the first step towards defeating his tormentor. And as he takes the necessary steps towards ridding himself of that addiction, planned course of action already in mind, he develops confidence to press forward. It may sound simplistic to some, and it does while it may appear complicated to others, and it could be.

The truth of the matter is that many people have overcome addiction problems through this means, and you only have to try it to see what it could do for you.

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