Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

November 30, 2009 by admin  
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What we see of ourselves we think is the only reality. However, one of the amazing things about mind power is that it teaches us that our current circumstances are just there because we believe they are real.
By developing our mind power, miraculous changes can occur in little to no time at all. We can have a continuous positive experience of life.
We have a conscious mind that takes in our reality in bits and bytes of good and bad experience. With mind power we can change our beliefs and in the course of changing, the universe will evolve and adjust to our new beliefs. Our actions are based on what we believe. Change what we believe and our actions will change. Even at the level of thought, this change will allow us to change the situation we are in.
This is HUGE! If you are looking for the love of your life, let mind power change your belief and with it, your love will come into existence. Up until now, we have allowed our subconscious to have total control over all that we desire, seek or know. The reality that we see is the outgrowth of something outside of our control.
Using mind power, we can achieve our goals, reinforce a positive mindset and harness the power that can make our dreams come true. A number of different techniques are out there that will give us the reigns of our reality. By using mind power, we can create a better outcome to our lives. By discarding the negative beliefs we’ve held for years, a new awakening is possible.
Harnessing mind power and using techniques will give us what we want, eliminate both physical and mental pain, heal wounds and makes us whole. When we are happy, our brain releases endorphins which are the feel good chemicals that make us feel warm, safe and happy. Endorphins also reduce pain, make us alert and feel like we are able to cope with anything.
This is a state that can be attained and maintained by simply using mind power techniques. It only makes sense to learn how to use these techniques at will.

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Meditation Mind Power

November 9, 2009 by admin  
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I have been meditating for 5 years now and it is the most empowering mind technique ever.  In meditation, you are fully using your mind.  Meditation is a mental discipline where your mind power goes into a deeper state of relaxation.  There are so many different types of meditation methods out there.  So in this article, I will discuss the basic one which is the one I practice.       

The first thing you need to do is set aside some time in your day to meditate.  Make sure your setting is quite and relaxing.  You can meditate for 5 minutes of longer. I usually mediate for 15 minutes each day.  It is important not to meditate right after eating or if you have not eaten at all.  This can be distracting to your session.       

Make sure you turn off distractions like loud music, TV and telephones.  You want total peace and quiet.  If you need to have music, make sure it is calm and soothing.  I normally listen to a CD with the sounds of nature.          

Sit on the floor or a soft cushion if the floor is hard.  Cross your legs Indian style.  This is not a necessary step but you do need to at the least keep you back straight.            

Close your eyes and breathe deeply from your abdomen.  You should feel your stomach rise and fall.  Inhale, count to 3 and then exhale for a count of 6.  Do this respectively for 15 minutes.  This exercise will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.         

Now just kind of let your body go and relax all of your muscles.  Do this step slowly starting with your neck and working your way down to your toes.  This is a great exercise for getting rid of all the tension in your body.            

Now it’s time to clear your mind.  Do not think of anything at this point.  This is extremely hard to do but your mind power has to take over and you must be disciplined to do this.  Now just sit there for about 10 minutes with your muscles relaxed and your mind totally clear.           

And that is all there is to meditation.  After this, you will feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.  Remember, all meditation is about clearing your mind and relaxing your body.  Meditation may not work the first session either. This is because your mind needs to get use to this new exercise it has been given.  But in order for it to work, you need to be consistent with it.

Achieving Happiness through Mind Power

October 26, 2009 by admin  
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Happiness is defined in the dictionary as a state of well being. It doesn’t say much about happiness, does it? It is probably the reason why everyone is looking to find it and only a few actually does. Some equate it with having lots of money, and those who do have a lot of money point to health as the source of happiness. There are those who find happiness synonymous with a new car, a new house or a diamond necklace. Are you happy? Indeed, what is happiness and how do we achieve it?

There are those who would have us believe that happiness is just a notion, an obscure thought or feeling. If that is the case, it is of little wonder that few people achieve happiness. “People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them.

The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within,” so declares Ramona Anderson. That happiness is a state of mind is a truth that I embrace. There are people who live in extreme poverty and yet say they are happy. There are those suffering from illness, have been diagnosed with a limited time to live and are also able to say they are happy. They have determined in their minds that they are happy regardless of conditions or circumstances which they find themselves in. How do they do it? The answer, mind power.

A lot of people confuse pleasure with happiness. I say confuse because a man may take pleasure in happiness but not necessarily find happiness in pleasure. Pleasure is the feeling we get when we receive a gift, get promoted at work, or perhaps play the latest craze on a Nintendo. This feeling doesn’t usually last very long. And when the euphoria ends, we may feel emptiness or disappointment and seek that pleasurable experience again somewhere.

Happiness, on the other hand, lasts longer. Since it is in the mind, it doesn’t need these gleeful moments, although at times it can indeed heighten the feeling of happiness. As the mind power has determined happiness, a person does not need to receive a gift to feel happiness. He can be perfectly comfortable giving, and may even find it more fulfilling. He shares in the joy of a co-worker getting promoted. He is happy enough watching his son have fun with the Game Boy.

We achieve happiness in our mind long before any joyful event takes place. Mind power can find reasons for happiness even when tragedy has struck. You do not need to go far to find happiness.

You’ll find it within.

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Reaching Goals With Mind Power

October 12, 2009 by admin  
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One of the greatest forms of satisfaction comes from the feeling of reaching a sought after goal. There are several aspects to do this. It involves thinking the right positive thoughts, which will allow you to fully realize the dreams you have.

A good attitude is the first step into accomplishing anything. It’s also important to make sure your goals are what you truly want. Don’t just run with the herd, and choose the same goals everyone else chases. Look inside yourself, into your own subconscious, and find what really matters to you, what it is that you really want to accomplish.

Your attitude will affect your chances of success on a great level. It is important to convince yourself that you can accomplish what you want to, and that you won’t allow anything to stop you. You can’t let in the chances of negativity at all, because that will impede you from moving forward, and your goal will always be out of your reach.

It is also important to have a positive attitude, because it could influence people around you, who could very easily end up helping you to reach your goals. Use your Mind Power’s persuasion to win people over to your side, and you’ll be that much stronger.

Think carefully about what you want to have. General materialistic concepts may seem like a comfortable goal to aim for, but is it what you really want? Are money and expensive objects truly what you want to reach for in your life? You should ask yourself deeply these questions, and discover what it really means to find happiness.

On a more intense insight into your mind, you may find what is really important. It may be love, or making the world a better place, or accomplishing something that will really make you a better person. Try to think in terms of these important things, and see if they’re swimming around in your subconscious.

It’s important that every person finds goals to reach within their lifetimes. It can be something immense, like placing first in an athletic competition, or it can be something simple, like getting around to finally cleaning your attic. No matter what you’re doing, a can-do attitude and firm understanding and whole-hearted concern for your goals will be your most precious asset.

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Mind and Personal Power

September 28, 2009 by admin  
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Achieving personal power is all in your mind. If you put your mind power to it, you can achieve anything you want in life. The first thing you need to do is take responsibility. You must realize that every single thing that has happened in your life has happened because you either created or caused it.

You must take responsibility and not try and pass the blame to everyone else. You need to stand up and learn to be responsible. Now that is not to say that you have always had the power to control every single thing that has happened in your life but how you interpret those things is the power that only you have and you can change what happens in the future.
Take the time and really listen to what people are telling you. Yes we hear everything people tell us, but do we really listen. When you sit down and really listen to what someone is saying to you, you have the knowledge of what they are telling you.

Focus on maintaining the things you have possession rather than acquiring new things. People are so materialistic these days. You have the power and the control to keep your materials in manageable condition.

Watch your finances closely. Life is not always about money but fact it, money is power. It is the power to take your yearly vacation. It is the power to buy that new car you have been eyeing.

Reward yourself when you have accomplished a goal. Say you have set a goal of losing 10 pounds. You use your mind power and stick to that goal. Once you reach that goal, treat yourself to a new scarf or a massage at the local spa. You come first and you need to always remember that.

The key to mind power is to be honest about what you want in your life. Are you studying to be a nurse because your mom is a nurse? Do you have a job as a teacher because that is what your dad wanted you to do? What about what you want? You cannot begin to have what you want until you fully understand why you have what you have now.

Your primary goal in life is to create your own independence. You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. No one is going with you. Now that is not to say that you don’t need family, friends, spouses and children if that is what you desire but you should not have to depend on anyone for your basic needs. If you were left alone in this world, you should be able to survive with no problem.

Personal power is a great thing, but so is mind power.

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Visualize What You Want Into Reality With Mind Power

September 14, 2009 by admin  
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Mind power and visualization is really about crushing the barriers that exist in your mind that prevent you from achieving the things you want the most in life. Whether you are searching for the love of your life or looking for peace of mind, it’s all about visualizing what you want into existence. You should be able to take away the negative thoughts telling you that you could not attain your goals.

Rather, concentrate on seeing yourself through a better, more positive outlook. Your mind is powerful and the universe obeys what you believe. So, why not visualize yourself into a successful, happy and healthy person. You are somebody that deserves success in life and is smart enough to achieve that success.

Is creative visualization hanky panky?

There are people who believe that visualization of desires and goals that you can believe into reality through mind power is magic. It just does not work and is waste of precious time. This kind of negative thinking takes away from the true gift that mind power invokes. Visualization is merely directing your mind towards the things you want to attain in life. Instead of being troubled by every little challenge in appear as you move forward, visualization keeps you in sight of your primary goal for you to work towards making it a reality.

The same is true for any kind of business. The vision in the mind or the business owner is presented in the business plan for him to take action towards attainment of success. Mind power and belief is what brings it into reality. If the business owner is distracted and without any plan, it would be very easy for him to fail or be derailed in his pursuit of success.

The mind power brought into focus through creative visualization provides you a course of action and tells the universe to deliver what you really desire. Make use of it daily, coupled with positive thoughts to achieve your every dream, even those you deem way out of reach.  Look towards the life’s better things and you will find the road that takes you there!

Overcoming Fear and Obstacles

June 22, 2009 by admin  
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Many troubling and seemingly insurmountable things stand in our way on our travels down life’s path. These can stop us from achieving the success we want, from going the places we want to go to, and from growing like we need to.

While it is not possible to entirely avoid these road blocks forever, they are always possible to overcome if we set our minds to it. They may be difficult, as well as frustrating and can give us a feeling of hopelessness, but to succumb to these emotions will never help, it will only make it that much harder. The most important concept in overcoming our troubles is keeping the right mind set.

Like many things in life, dealing with great obstacles involves your train of thought. If you let it stand in your way, and make you feel overpowered, then that’s the effect it will really have on you. But, with the right view of things, as you let yourself embrace things with a more optimistic approach, you’re find yourself have a much easier time working through the problems that seem tremendous. It may seem tough, but it’s not so scary if you keep your head up.

A negative attitude will definitely play a role in the situation if you let it. Pessimism will let the problem grow, as your confidence shrinks and you find yourself standing minuscule in front of the complication. The negative energy will take a serious toll on you, and you may find yourself never able to overcome certain obstacles. But it’s not the problem itself stopping you, it’s your own lack of enthusiasm, your lack of ability push yourself over the hill. You need to visualize the other side of the hill, and keep on struggling up until you make it. Visualization is an important part to defeating your roadblocks.

It’s important to remember to sustain a high level of optimism about all parts of your life. Problems are only momentary obstructions, and don’t let them get to you. If you control your mind enough, you can keep your head and body healthy and energized, and you can jump any wall that comes your way as long as you keep running.

And don’t forget to keep your eye on the goal you’re striving for. Because that is greater than whatever is directly in front of you. Success is always right around the bend if you just keep going for it. It’s the attitude you give that will determine whether or not you reach your highest peaks.

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Mind Power For Health

May 25, 2009 by admin  
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Being able to tap into your mind power can prove to be a useful tool in improving your health.

It is a well-known fact how we perceive ourselves is influenced by the thoughts and but now that I chances are we are suffering from such stress-related maladies as depression, insomnia, gastric upset, heart problems, and even high blood pressure. Medical professionals can treat the symptoms of these problems, but very often they are not able to address the root of the problem that causes the symptoms in the first place.

Through the use of mind power, you can better address the elements that are leading to your medical problems. It is a well-known fact that the brain has the ability to influence overall physical health for good or for bad. When a person learns how to harness his mind power to handle problems in a positive manner, studies show that the health of the person can significantly improve. Likewise, if the mine concentrates only on the negatives, then the health of the individual will suffer.

One of the most important factors the mind power can offer is the ability to reprogram your thought processes to concentrate on the good things in your life. Experts have proved that an individual’s bad habits can be broken in as little as three weeks by using the repetition of new behaviors to replace the old ones. Likewise, you can reprogram your mind through the repetition of positive affirmations to concentrate only on the good things of your life. As with the behavior modification, your brain can be retrained to only accept and welcome positive ways of dealing with everyday situations.

By training your conscious mind in such a manner, you had the benefit of having a very strong ally in your subconscious mind. When full of positive concepts, it could help still any doubt or feelings of frustration caused by not knowing how to deal with problems or obstacles.

At critical times subconscious can act as a voice of reassurance and reason to help an individual deal more creatively with difficulties they are faced with a subconscious can also remind the individual of past successes leading to the greater chance of being an individual succeeding in the current endeavor.

By short-circuiting the feelings of frustration and fear, the brain would be far less likely to trigger the stress hormones which can lead to physical problems down the road. The ability to deal with difficulties in the more levelheaded fashion will provide far more contentment for a person and in the long run lead to better health both physically and mentally.

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Mind Power Can Lead to a Calmer You

May 18, 2009 by admin  
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It is possible to make use of mind power to calm your thoughts and quiet the mental turmoil you suffer in your daily living.

First thing you need to do is to find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for short length of time.  Focus on any thoughts that may have been disturbing you.  Examine them carefully to see what it is about them that is troubling to you. Perhaps the thoughts were caused by comments made by others which cast doubt on your ability to complete task with any measure of success.  It could be something harsh or demeaning spoken simply to cause hurt or distress, having no basis in fact.  

Whatever the origin of the negative thought, you need to take it apart and compare it with those things in your life that you know to be true and positive.  Affirm these positives several times so that by repeating them, you can firmly fix them in your mind, and use them to replace the negative thoughts that may have been troubling you.

Once you have banished these negative thoughts from your mind, go over the mental list of your dreams and the things you wish to accomplish.  Make positive affirmations that your goals are worthwhile and that you have the power to achieve them.  Repeat these affirmations as often as you need to and that will help strengthen your mental power and give you the tools you need to face the tasks and what might lie ahead of you in your quest to achieve your dreams.

By reprogramming your mind to change your thinking processes so they focus on the positive, you will gain a powerful ally in the form of your subconscious mind.  While your conscious mind is busy concentrating on any kind of problem that faces you, your subconscious is constantly operating in the background.  Programming it with positive thought and energy will allow it to send quiet reassurances that you have the ability to succeed no matter what is facing you.  

Although the task ahead may not be an easy one, you have a better chance at success because your subconscious already contains a catalog of your prior successes and can help to strengthen your confidence in your ability to see things through.

These reassuring thoughts can help to calm your mind and lessen any distress you might feel as you encounter problems on the way to completing your goals.  Being calmer mentally will help to defeat chemical changes in your system brought on by the release of stress hormones.  

The absence of these hormones will help an individual stay on a more even keel and be able to take advantage of the feeling of contentment achieved by the successful completion of a goal or step well done on the way to completing a goal.

Meditation Can Strengthen Mind Power

May 11, 2009 by admin  
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In order to properly utilize and strengthen your mind power, you might find it necessary to take frequent breaks to practice meditation to help clear out any negativity from your thinking.

One of the goals of increasing your mind power is to retrain your mind to focus on positive thoughts and to fill your conscious and subconscious with positive energy that can benefit you during times of stress. From time to time you will find you need to take a break and meditate on the positives to better sweep away any negativism you might find in your mindset.

These negative thoughts and feelings may result from the constant input you receive from friends, coworkers and relatives when they do not support your goals and dreams. Their comments may help to create self-doubt in the areas of your abilities and cast a shadow on the worth of the dreams and goals that you have set for yourself. No doubt you’ve heard the negative comments over and over again, and the constant repetition can serve to help fix them in your mindset whether you want them to or not.

In order to banish these doubts and negative thoughts from your conscious and subconscious, you need to take occasional rests from the normal routine of your day. These rests are essential to give you time to go to a quiet place in your mind where you can examine thoughts and attitudes and banish those which will serve to hinder you in the completion of your goals and dreams.

When you meditate, the object is to quiet your mind so that you can concentrate and focus on and examine the thoughts that are affecting you. If you encounter any negativeness, you can actively clean them out and concentrate on replacing them with positive affirmations stating clearly that your goals have merit.

During this quiet time you can also take stock of your successes and the skills you bring with you that will allow you to complete the tasks that lead up to completing a goal. By concentrating on the positive, you can begin to reprogram your mind in such a way that will begin to build confidence in your chances for success.

Through the input of this positive energy, you will be chasing out the old negative attitudes and doubts that have taken up residence in your subconscious and which can come back at crucial times to derail or weaken your confidence for success as you enter into new situations or face roadblocks that potentially stand between you and the completion of your goal

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