The Popularity Of Mind Power

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Mind Power.  It is not a new-age food, dance, or even a disorder.  Mind Power is an up and coming method of alternative healing.  But what is it all about?  Well, it does not involve drugs, a trip to the doctor, or a prescription. It takes an open mind and a desire to explore new and spiritual methods of healing. It is the natural evolution of believe and achieve, that we are all connected making ESP not only plausible but just a natural outgrowth of the universal mind. Mind power is the paradigm shift in the world’s mentality.

A Bit of History

To understand why mind power is becoming so popular, it would be best to get an understanding of where this newfound method came from.  In the 1960s and 70s, masses of people began to believe that there was something beyond the ego, self and body. This new spiritual understanding allowed mainstream people to accept that there was ways to heal both mind and body without using traditional medicine.  People began to seek spiritual enlightenment, seeking out monks and other enlightened gurus in search of the path to happiness.

How Does It All Work?

What does a Mind Power session involve? You do not need to fast or meditate to reap the benefits of this miraculous form of healing. You simply need to use what’s been vegetating between your two ears, change your belief and connect to the universe around you. When you do this, practice it and believe that you are not an island unto yourself, you begin to feel the universe shifting and repatterning itself. It becomes normal to know when people are calling before the phone rings or the doorbell sounds. You develop deep empathy and telepathy that is viewed as eerie and mysterious by some; you know it’s natural and normal.

First, a person should calm their mind, wear loose clothing and get comfortable. Then, the need to quiet the mind becomes the next big hurdle. It is almost impossible to quiet the scattered chaos of the mind for more than a few seconds, but with practice and time, it will become easier and easier. In those moments, Mind Power takes over and the universe shifts to meet your desires.

 It’s just that simple. As you practice, you will begin to see signs, portents of your desires manifesting into the reality of your life. You will also feel a peace that only comes with complete confidence in your connection to a higher being; a sense of purpose usually accompanies this feeling. 

Mind Power can’t be mastered; however, you can tap into the universe in a way that will make your dreams come true. It sounds hokey, but more and more, people are seeing the truth in the results and their world.

Defeating Addiction through Mind Power

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With the many organizations and approaches available today on how to overcome addiction, you probably are wondering why in the world I’d come up with mind power. You’re probably asking, couldn’t I have come up with something better or more original?

Doubtless, the approaches, particularly those supported by medical science have worked wonders for countless individuals and have brought untold happiness to them and their families. But there are others, particularly those that ready to kick the habit but do not find the prospect of joining groups or coming out in the open where they are exposed to embarrassment and ridicule, an acceptable option. They have done their homework; they have struggled with realization and acceptance, and want to come to grips with their addiction, whether it is alcohol, drugs or porn, but have not had sufficient support to get it right. These are they, among others that could benefit from mind power.

Even those that are not saddled with any addiction problems can benefit from harnessing mind power. Mind power is unleashed when we are able to plant, cultivate and nurture positive and affirming thoughts in the mind or consciousness.

The mind perceives things that happen around it and as it does, produce thoughts or ideas. These thoughts and ideas is the output of the mind that is the foundation of beliefs which then influence actions and decisions. Actions and decisions of an individual are always shaped by how he perceives himself in relation to what is happening.

Therefore, when the mind is fed, nourished and nurtured with affirmations and positive ideas about the individual and everything in general, positive thoughts and ideas results, which ultimately leads to positive actions. The beauty of this is that, the more the cycle is repeated, the more resilient the mind becomes and more able to surmount challenges, even perceived challenges.

When an individual puts it in his mind that he can, and he has the capacity to overcome his addiction, he has taken the first step towards defeating his tormentor. And as he takes the necessary steps towards ridding himself of that addiction, planned course of action already in mind, he develops confidence to press forward. It may sound simplistic to some, and it does while it may appear complicated to others, and it could be.

The truth of the matter is that many people have overcome addiction problems through this means, and you only have to try it to see what it could do for you.

How is Mind Power Creative Visualization Used?

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Creative visualization happens to be a very simple process – the main object being to project things as intensely with all the possible description contained therein. You must firmly trust that creative visualization will work to help you achieve your goals.

To picture the process of creative visualization in conjunction with mind power techniques, think upon a goal you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to get promoted at work.

- First, see yourself occupying the new and higher work position.

- Think of the changes that would occur in your life resulting from that achievement of your goal.

- Imagine yourself, your family, your lifestyle, along with the increase in salary.

- See yourself at work relishing the accomplishment and enjoying the new position.

- Imagine the view from your office window or think how you would rearrange the furnishings in the room.

The secret of success through mind power is to be very particular on the details of what you want to achieve and to see yourself in these visualizations.

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Mind Power and Creative Visualization?

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Mind power uses creative visualization. This can be characterized as a method that modifies your mindset about the realities in this world and, as a result, makes changes possible in your life. This is the driving force behind the movement towards a positive way of thinking. Since early 1800s, it has been successful people who started advocacy of positive thinking.

The mind power method of creative visualization has been utilized to reach or achieve all your set goals, from academic, to athletic and even financial goals. In studies conducted on athletes, those who applied creative visualization methods during their training gained substantial improvement compared to those whose reliance was only on physical training.

- Creative visualization helps you achieve whatever goal you may have for so long as you demonstrate commitment to the method.

Why Is There A Need for Me to Study Mind Power Creative Visualization?

Mind power and creative visualization becomes a significant skill that needs to be learned since its effects are astounding. Everyone can profit from the technique which results to advancement in all facets of your life.

You can accomplish any goal that you are able to visualize and your mind power is limitless in its imaginings. You can also achieve financial freedom, or a successful social life, a better job than what you now have, or perhaps an improved golf swing! Almost all that you would want to achieve can be or maybe attained by the practice of creative visualization.

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Eliminating Negative Thoughts Using Mind Power

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Negative thoughts are not thoughts that are good or bad, yet they are forces that really do affect how we think.  Eliminating negative thoughts using mind power is the ability to eliminate negatives, insecurities and failures.

Here are five quick techniques you can use to eliminate negative thoughts using mind power.

Tip #1: When you realize that you are having a negative thought, just dismiss it.

Say you are staring out the window and it is snowing out.  You start to think how the snow is lousy, because you can’t go play basketball with your buddies.

When this thought comes into your mind, think about something else. Just dismiss it.  Replace it with a positive picture and thought. Think about how you and your friends could have a snowball fight instead.  Even if you’re beyond the age of snowball fights, it will make you smile to think about it.

Remember when snow was fun and not a hassle to trudge through? Using the power of mind power, you can take yourself to any place you like whether it’s a beach in the Bahamas or back in time to when you were a kid. Simply, don’t try justify the basketball argument, don’t defend the thought either.  Just dismiss it and think about something totally new.  The deal here is that you need to use mind power to recognize that you are having a negative thought.

Tip #2: Label Your Negative Thought

When you are having a negative thought, instead of cutting it off like you did above, you will want to give it a label.  Yes I know this is totally contradicting the first step but trust me on this one.  All you have to do is tell yourself that you are having a negative thought and leave it at that.  Repeat this over and over.  Mind power states that these negative thoughts will only have power over you if you let it.

Tip #3 – Negative Thoughts Take A Hike

Okay, let’s go back to the snow and the basketball bummer.  You acknowledge to yourself that you are having a negative thought.  With the third technique, which is the exaggeration technique, you kind of need to ridicule yourself and exaggerate things a bit.  So you say, “Yeah, I can’t play basketball with my friends.  In fact, it will snow 10 feet each day for the next month, so I won’t be able to play basketball for at least a month.”  Now, doesn’t that sound ridiculous?  Of course, it does.  At this point, you will probably be laughing so hard, you will be on the floor rolling in laughter.

Tip #4 - Counteract the Negative Thought

With this mind power technique, you need to counteract the negative with the opposite.  How do you do this, you ask?  Instead of saying you are NOT going to play basketball today, say you ARE going to be playing basketball today.  Your mind can only produce one thought at a time.  So, the minute you think of a negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive one.

Tip #5 – Affirm Negative Thoughts

The last technique is to affirm the negative thoughts.  Each time a negative thought enters your mind, state the exact opposite for two minutes.  Affirm that statement over and over again.  If you do this each time a negative thought comes to you, your mind will not let any more negatives in.

In What Way Can Mind Power Affirmations Help?

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Affirmations are mind power at their best; elementary statements that motivate you to press forward and embrace attitudes and behaviors desired.

To cite an example, success affirmations let you rethink success definitions, including the way you might relate with it. Success affirmations let you exchange self-doubt with such statement as, “I could see success greeting me at the end of my journey,” or “I’ve begun may way towards success.”

When you have mastered the usage of affirmations, the discovery of success may be through the simple words, “I am the winner!” Mind power at its best. Those that use success affirmations find the statements to be prophecies fulfilling itself. Your reaffirming the phrase and reading it out loud causes it to come alive and truly happen.

Whatever case you may find yourself in; a person overcome with self-doubt at every turn, or a perfectionist demanding so much from himself, you may teach yourself to strive for excellence in all your endeavors.

The neat thing concerning this change in outlook is it doesn’t involve any money. There are many people who buy books and pay for counselor’s advice in the hope of finding change in life, but success is just very elusive for them. Then they lay the blame on the books and the counselor’s faulty advice. But can you see the true reason for their failure and why things do not change? Mind power allows you to meditate and arrive at new ways to deal with things. Blame and fault fade away as mind power comes into its own.

When people are negative and doubting, they cannot see any changes happening in their lives. What they fail to grasp is that the reason that they are not affirming the things they are taught and are looking away from the natural mind power that each of us possess. If your outlook does not change through positive affirmations, the manner that you view yourself and your life won’t change.

If you really want to see changes in your life, affirmations would be the gate by which you should enter in order to achieve excellence.

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Mind Power and Finding Excellence

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Who might be the first person we would think about to pair with the word excellence? Could it be you? Why couldn’t it be so? Perhaps there should be a change in the manner in which you personally view yourself! Excellent people are how we all should be viewing ourselves. With mind power, we can make our excellence shine through.

You need to start every single day with the expectation of being your very best at every count.  You must energize the mind power that is the wonderfulness of you. This can be done by putting yourself in the best frame of mind and doing your very best in whatever endeavor you find yourself.

The daily practice of being the best and doing your best may soon turn out a life changing habit! If you consider the drive for excellence a tedious work, you’ll be happy to know you can apply techniques that will seamlessly integrate such procedure in your daily life. Discovering excellence within us is easier than anyone could ever imagine.

Defeating Self Doubt With Mind Power

There are many that doubt themselves too much. Find out if doubt could be dragging your efforts towards excellence by pondering these questions.

- Do you have doubts on yourself deciding whether you can actually live up to other people’s expectations, including your own?

- Faced with the opportunity to accomplish something of significance, will something hold you back?

- Do you find negative thoughts to keep you from savoring accomplishments?

If “Yes” is your answer to the questions above, affirmations may help conquer the doubt and lift confidence to pursue excellence.

Building Your Mind Power Takes Practice

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Taking the time to develop your Mind Power can have many positive outcomes. You can train your brain to make you lifetime a very pleasant one, by conditioning it to help you through and make the best of every situation. You can find yourself able to escape being bounded, just as so many people today seem to be, by your negative feelings.

It’s important to build up your mental strength, you’ll feel much more successful in your life. In developing your Mind Power, you can overcome almost anything, and be a much stronger individual.

It’s not easy building up your Mind Power, though. The key is to keep practicing, and slowly growing more and more in control of your life and mind. You need to influence your own thoughts, by pushing yourself to sift through disruptive thoughts and only let positive ones filter through your system, like dreams and nightmares in a dream catcher. Your mode of living is totally dependant on what you make of it, so you need to take the time to develop the power to control yourself to lead a much better life.

A focus in one’s mind control, involves our endocrine system, which controls the hormones which run through our body. This greatly affects how we feel, from releasing endorphins when we are happy, or need to feel happy, to running adrenaline through our bodies when we need the energy spike.

The brain has a lot of control with this system, and by influencing it ourselves, we can make it that much more effective to improving our lives. We can learn to channel our powers right, and that will be an all-over beneficial quality for our life.

In trying to change the way we live by developing our Mind Power, we need to focus on the concept of the strength of our subconscious. Scientists throughout the years have argued about the nature of this inner mind. Something it’s a random semblance of thoughts and feelings, and many think it has a lot of control over the human.

What we can learn from these people is that it’s important to not be a slave to your own subconscious; it’s part of you, you’re not part of it. You need to take the time to overcome that part of yourself, and thus enforce your own Mind’s power.

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Mind Power and Your Subconscious

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One of the most intense and seemingly uncontrollable parts of the mind is the mysterious subconscious. This can control our emotions and actions, and is a very large part of our brain. The idea of Mind Power deals greatly with overcoming this aspect of your brain, and finding the ability within yourself to, in fact, control the subconscious.

You can learn to make this part of your brain actually work with you at all times and never against you, by blocking out negative energies from entering your mind.

The subconscious will absorb the things you feel, see, and think as you go about your day, and will toss that around and it’ll evolve deep within your mind. By letting in negative feelings and thoughts, you allow depressing and weakening energies to take space in the back of your head, and that will make you feel like you will be able to accomplish less, and have a darker outlook on the world.

On the other hand, if you allow in higher spirited emotions and experiences, your subconscious will treat you with more confidence, and an overall pleasant disposition in general. Your subconscious is like karma, because you get out what you put in.

The subconscious has the ability to control you, because it has power over your endocrine system. This affects you by controlling what chemicals and hormones are released into your body. It can release adrenaline into your system, which is a result of a threatening or angering situation, or thought. It can also give out endorphins, which make you feel happy.

By dispersing these in your body, it can affect your mood very easily, and cause you to do and feel certain things. But, if you can carefully pick and choose what feelings you allow into your mind, you can actually affect what your mood will be. By letting in the right energies, you can get out the right results to leave you feeling better, and more successful in life.

The subconscious is a very powerful part of every person’s mind. If left untamed, it can wreak havoc in your life. But if you take the time to learn to control it, it can help you, and allow you to support and push yourself by choosing your thoughts. With practice, you can be a very successful, self-sufficient person.

Mind Power Medicine

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Herbs, massage, crystals; there are many types of alternate healing, but would you believe that one of the most effective can be performed by simply altering your way of thinking? It may seem incredible, but the best medicine for your ailments is actually in your own skull! Using your own Mind Power, you can overcome illness and pain, by letting your mind give your body the tools it needs to repair your weakened body. All it requires is some positive thinking.

Like many aspects of Mind Power, this involves your brain’s endocrine system. As you may already know, the hormones released into your body will vary depending on the situation you are in, or even the mind set you are in. Dangerous or threatening events and thoughts can evoke a rush of adrenaline into your blood stream, while very happy thoughts or pleasant experiences can unleash the euphoric endorphins into your body. The situations we are in, stressful, relaxed, exciting, vexing, weigh in on our mind, and thus our bodies.

Depending on what hormones are going around in your system, your body will have different ways to treat whatever problem is ailing you. Negative emotions will bring you down, give your body poor utensils for cleaning up the damage, and slow the healing process. By getting into a positive mind set, your body will be better equipped with chemicals and energies to tackle any problem that’s wreaking havoc on your body. It is all a matter of the mind.

What proof of this is there in the real world? If you talk to most people who have recovered from a serious illness, such as Cancer, they will often tell you that the most important factor in staying alive is keeping a positive attitude. When your mind feels weak, your body will act the same way.

Even when things look grim for you, you need to try to see the best of things, and keep looking forward to a healthy life. Whether your ailment is a small cold, or a serious disease, it’s the mind set that matters most.

The right frame of mind is a key part to a healthy recovery.

While prescription medicines can be a great way to help with an illness, remember that thinking the right way by using your Mind Power will have the greatest influence. Plus, it’s free, and there’s no daunting side effects, or risks of allergic reaction.

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