Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

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What we see of ourselves we think is the only reality. However, one of the amazing things about mind power is that it teaches us that our current circumstances are just there because we believe they are real.
By developing our mind power, miraculous changes can occur in little to no time at all. We can have a continuous positive experience of life.
We have a conscious mind that takes in our reality in bits and bytes of good and bad experience. With mind power we can change our beliefs and in the course of changing, the universe will evolve and adjust to our new beliefs. Our actions are based on what we believe. Change what we believe and our actions will change. Even at the level of thought, this change will allow us to change the situation we are in.
This is HUGE! If you are looking for the love of your life, let mind power change your belief and with it, your love will come into existence. Up until now, we have allowed our subconscious to have total control over all that we desire, seek or know. The reality that we see is the outgrowth of something outside of our control.
Using mind power, we can achieve our goals, reinforce a positive mindset and harness the power that can make our dreams come true. A number of different techniques are out there that will give us the reigns of our reality. By using mind power, we can create a better outcome to our lives. By discarding the negative beliefs we’ve held for years, a new awakening is possible.
Harnessing mind power and using techniques will give us what we want, eliminate both physical and mental pain, heal wounds and makes us whole. When we are happy, our brain releases endorphins which are the feel good chemicals that make us feel warm, safe and happy. Endorphins also reduce pain, make us alert and feel like we are able to cope with anything.
This is a state that can be attained and maintained by simply using mind power techniques. It only makes sense to learn how to use these techniques at will.

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The Popularity Of Mind Power

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Mind Power.  It is not a new-age food, dance, or even a disorder.  Mind Power is an up and coming method of alternative healing.  But what is it all about?  Well, it does not involve drugs, a trip to the doctor, or a prescription. It takes an open mind and a desire to explore new and spiritual methods of healing. It is the natural evolution of believe and achieve, that we are all connected making ESP not only plausible but just a natural outgrowth of the universal mind. Mind power is the paradigm shift in the world’s mentality.

A Bit of History

To understand why mind power is becoming so popular, it would be best to get an understanding of where this newfound method came from.  In the 1960s and 70s, masses of people began to believe that there was something beyond the ego, self and body. This new spiritual understanding allowed mainstream people to accept that there was ways to heal both mind and body without using traditional medicine.  People began to seek spiritual enlightenment, seeking out monks and other enlightened gurus in search of the path to happiness.

How Does It All Work?

What does a Mind Power session involve? You do not need to fast or meditate to reap the benefits of this miraculous form of healing. You simply need to use what’s been vegetating between your two ears, change your belief and connect to the universe around you. When you do this, practice it and believe that you are not an island unto yourself, you begin to feel the universe shifting and repatterning itself. It becomes normal to know when people are calling before the phone rings or the doorbell sounds. You develop deep empathy and telepathy that is viewed as eerie and mysterious by some; you know it’s natural and normal.

First, a person should calm their mind, wear loose clothing and get comfortable. Then, the need to quiet the mind becomes the next big hurdle. It is almost impossible to quiet the scattered chaos of the mind for more than a few seconds, but with practice and time, it will become easier and easier. In those moments, Mind Power takes over and the universe shifts to meet your desires.

 It’s just that simple. As you practice, you will begin to see signs, portents of your desires manifesting into the reality of your life. You will also feel a peace that only comes with complete confidence in your connection to a higher being; a sense of purpose usually accompanies this feeling. 

Mind Power can’t be mastered; however, you can tap into the universe in a way that will make your dreams come true. It sounds hokey, but more and more, people are seeing the truth in the results and their world.

Overcoming Self-Doubt through Mind Power

November 16, 2009 by admin  
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The lack of self-confidence or in other words, self-doubt, is a very common problem that affects people of all ages. It has different ways of affecting people but almost always produce the same result; it produces fear that results to people failing to achieve what they are fully capable of. It keeps one from going out and meeting people, leads to turned down invitations, even declined opportunities for new experience and growth. Self-doubt is a great cause of disappointment, unhappiness and misery.

Self-doubt can be overcome, and it doesn’t even have to cost you money. Too often, people buy books and magazines in the hope of making things turn around. There are expensive seminars and audio tapes on the subject available in the market. While these might indeed be helpful, it might not be necessary. The answer is all in the mind. We’ve all heard the slogan “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” You may be laughing, this is true. You can’t overstate mind power.

Mind power, when properly developed, can be a source of strength and comfort and lead to overcoming self doubt. Our mind perceives the actions and events that happen all around us and bring out thoughts. Thoughts and ideas are the main products of our mind and these thoughts and ideas become basis of our beliefs that are stored in our mind and influence our decisions and courses of action. The way we decide and act is always determined by how we perceive ourselves in relation to the events happening around us.

Mind Power development is the cultivation of positive and affirming thoughts in our mind or consciousness. This is not about fooling ourselves into becoming what we are not. It is about affirming what we are and then deciding what we can do to improve our situation. I remember dreading those weekend karaoke night with friends from work. Try as I might, I could never imagine myself singing in front of all these people who I know will just be laughing at me.

But I finally realized that I could sing as good as some of these guys, even better. So, I got a few cds, selected one of the easier songs from among the lot and practiced singing till I became satisfied it could pass. And that was it, I armed myself with this one song, and no, I didn’t go out and volunteered to sing. But when it became inevitable that it would be my turn, I sang that same old piece. Once I got that out, I gained confidence to try the more difficult pieces, even the ones that I haven’t even tried at home.

Did I fool myself? No. But I did try to improve myself. And this isn’t all about karaoke. The same principle can be applied to physical, mental, even financial challenges. When we harness the mind power, we bring to fore our creative talent, our intensity and determination that may not have been there at the start. So, bid good bye to self doubt and unleash the full effect of mind power within you.

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Meditation Mind Power

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I have been meditating for 5 years now and it is the most empowering mind technique ever.  In meditation, you are fully using your mind.  Meditation is a mental discipline where your mind power goes into a deeper state of relaxation.  There are so many different types of meditation methods out there.  So in this article, I will discuss the basic one which is the one I practice.       

The first thing you need to do is set aside some time in your day to meditate.  Make sure your setting is quite and relaxing.  You can meditate for 5 minutes of longer. I usually mediate for 15 minutes each day.  It is important not to meditate right after eating or if you have not eaten at all.  This can be distracting to your session.       

Make sure you turn off distractions like loud music, TV and telephones.  You want total peace and quiet.  If you need to have music, make sure it is calm and soothing.  I normally listen to a CD with the sounds of nature.          

Sit on the floor or a soft cushion if the floor is hard.  Cross your legs Indian style.  This is not a necessary step but you do need to at the least keep you back straight.            

Close your eyes and breathe deeply from your abdomen.  You should feel your stomach rise and fall.  Inhale, count to 3 and then exhale for a count of 6.  Do this respectively for 15 minutes.  This exercise will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.         

Now just kind of let your body go and relax all of your muscles.  Do this step slowly starting with your neck and working your way down to your toes.  This is a great exercise for getting rid of all the tension in your body.            

Now it’s time to clear your mind.  Do not think of anything at this point.  This is extremely hard to do but your mind power has to take over and you must be disciplined to do this.  Now just sit there for about 10 minutes with your muscles relaxed and your mind totally clear.           

And that is all there is to meditation.  After this, you will feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.  Remember, all meditation is about clearing your mind and relaxing your body.  Meditation may not work the first session either. This is because your mind needs to get use to this new exercise it has been given.  But in order for it to work, you need to be consistent with it.

Defeating Addiction through Mind Power

November 2, 2009 by admin  
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With the many organizations and approaches available today on how to overcome addiction, you probably are wondering why in the world I’d come up with mind power. You’re probably asking, couldn’t I have come up with something better or more original?

Doubtless, the approaches, particularly those supported by medical science have worked wonders for countless individuals and have brought untold happiness to them and their families. But there are others, particularly those that ready to kick the habit but do not find the prospect of joining groups or coming out in the open where they are exposed to embarrassment and ridicule, an acceptable option. They have done their homework; they have struggled with realization and acceptance, and want to come to grips with their addiction, whether it is alcohol, drugs or porn, but have not had sufficient support to get it right. These are they, among others that could benefit from mind power.

Even those that are not saddled with any addiction problems can benefit from harnessing mind power. Mind power is unleashed when we are able to plant, cultivate and nurture positive and affirming thoughts in the mind or consciousness.

The mind perceives things that happen around it and as it does, produce thoughts or ideas. These thoughts and ideas is the output of the mind that is the foundation of beliefs which then influence actions and decisions. Actions and decisions of an individual are always shaped by how he perceives himself in relation to what is happening.

Therefore, when the mind is fed, nourished and nurtured with affirmations and positive ideas about the individual and everything in general, positive thoughts and ideas results, which ultimately leads to positive actions. The beauty of this is that, the more the cycle is repeated, the more resilient the mind becomes and more able to surmount challenges, even perceived challenges.

When an individual puts it in his mind that he can, and he has the capacity to overcome his addiction, he has taken the first step towards defeating his tormentor. And as he takes the necessary steps towards ridding himself of that addiction, planned course of action already in mind, he develops confidence to press forward. It may sound simplistic to some, and it does while it may appear complicated to others, and it could be.

The truth of the matter is that many people have overcome addiction problems through this means, and you only have to try it to see what it could do for you.

Achieving Happiness through Mind Power

October 26, 2009 by admin  
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Happiness is defined in the dictionary as a state of well being. It doesn’t say much about happiness, does it? It is probably the reason why everyone is looking to find it and only a few actually does. Some equate it with having lots of money, and those who do have a lot of money point to health as the source of happiness. There are those who find happiness synonymous with a new car, a new house or a diamond necklace. Are you happy? Indeed, what is happiness and how do we achieve it?

There are those who would have us believe that happiness is just a notion, an obscure thought or feeling. If that is the case, it is of little wonder that few people achieve happiness. “People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them.

The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within,” so declares Ramona Anderson. That happiness is a state of mind is a truth that I embrace. There are people who live in extreme poverty and yet say they are happy. There are those suffering from illness, have been diagnosed with a limited time to live and are also able to say they are happy. They have determined in their minds that they are happy regardless of conditions or circumstances which they find themselves in. How do they do it? The answer, mind power.

A lot of people confuse pleasure with happiness. I say confuse because a man may take pleasure in happiness but not necessarily find happiness in pleasure. Pleasure is the feeling we get when we receive a gift, get promoted at work, or perhaps play the latest craze on a Nintendo. This feeling doesn’t usually last very long. And when the euphoria ends, we may feel emptiness or disappointment and seek that pleasurable experience again somewhere.

Happiness, on the other hand, lasts longer. Since it is in the mind, it doesn’t need these gleeful moments, although at times it can indeed heighten the feeling of happiness. As the mind power has determined happiness, a person does not need to receive a gift to feel happiness. He can be perfectly comfortable giving, and may even find it more fulfilling. He shares in the joy of a co-worker getting promoted. He is happy enough watching his son have fun with the Game Boy.

We achieve happiness in our mind long before any joyful event takes place. Mind power can find reasons for happiness even when tragedy has struck. You do not need to go far to find happiness.

You’ll find it within.

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Believe You Can Do It!

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Do you ever feel like that as your thoughts take a negative twist, your entire mood goes sour?  Or that when you think positive thoughts, you feel confident? This is because of the power that belief and Mind Power have over each other. When you believe you can do something, your mind will follow suit. Adversely, when you let yourself have a negative attitude, your thoughts will likely be pessimistic.

Whether or not we let the negative energies in our subconscious affect us is up to us; it’s our choice. Simply trying and letting yourself think happy thoughts will carry through to your life. You can lead the road of your life in the right direction, by influencing your own mind. Negative thoughts can be detrimental to your life, so you should do your best find ways to eliminate them from your mind.

Your subconscious is always working at all times, whether you’re asleep, awake, or somewhere in between. The unconscious, very much like the conscious mind, is only able to handle one thing at a time. What your mind focuses on at all hours of the day is truly up to you. By letting good, positive energy into you mind, you can control how your subconscious is working. This will also keep out the unwanted, negative energies, because your brain will be occupied only with the positive.

The idea is to promote your own well being through your thought. You can accomplish more when you believe you can. There is a lot of hidden strength in your mind, if you can unleash it. This involves changing the way you see things, and the way you accept situations. Try to embrace a new day with a smile, avoid troubling thoughts, and think about things that make you feel good. Find the ability to accomplish things by telling yourself that you can do it.

So how can you achieve this higher level of living? It might not be easy as you think. While channeling positive energy through your mind can seem like an easy thing, it might be a bit complicated. You can accomplish the feat of directing your mind through a series of methods.

These include hypnosis, visualization and self-suggestion. It’s about putting the right things into your system, so you can get the product you want. What you put into your head greatly affects what comes out.

Reaching Goals With Mind Power

October 12, 2009 by admin  
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One of the greatest forms of satisfaction comes from the feeling of reaching a sought after goal. There are several aspects to do this. It involves thinking the right positive thoughts, which will allow you to fully realize the dreams you have.

A good attitude is the first step into accomplishing anything. It’s also important to make sure your goals are what you truly want. Don’t just run with the herd, and choose the same goals everyone else chases. Look inside yourself, into your own subconscious, and find what really matters to you, what it is that you really want to accomplish.

Your attitude will affect your chances of success on a great level. It is important to convince yourself that you can accomplish what you want to, and that you won’t allow anything to stop you. You can’t let in the chances of negativity at all, because that will impede you from moving forward, and your goal will always be out of your reach.

It is also important to have a positive attitude, because it could influence people around you, who could very easily end up helping you to reach your goals. Use your Mind Power’s persuasion to win people over to your side, and you’ll be that much stronger.

Think carefully about what you want to have. General materialistic concepts may seem like a comfortable goal to aim for, but is it what you really want? Are money and expensive objects truly what you want to reach for in your life? You should ask yourself deeply these questions, and discover what it really means to find happiness.

On a more intense insight into your mind, you may find what is really important. It may be love, or making the world a better place, or accomplishing something that will really make you a better person. Try to think in terms of these important things, and see if they’re swimming around in your subconscious.

It’s important that every person finds goals to reach within their lifetimes. It can be something immense, like placing first in an athletic competition, or it can be something simple, like getting around to finally cleaning your attic. No matter what you’re doing, a can-do attitude and firm understanding and whole-hearted concern for your goals will be your most precious asset.

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Setting Goals Using Mind Power

October 5, 2009 by admin  
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Setting weekly or monthly goals is something that takes discipline.  Without being disciplined, you will not achieve anything.  Setting goals also takes mind power.  It is a false belief that some people think that if you just say you are going to do something over and over again that it will happen. 


Unfortunately, that is not how the real world works.  Mind power is an effective tool if you do what you say you are going to do and consistently follow up. 

As previously mentioned, without discipline and mind power, you will not be successful.  Take the Boston Red Sox, for example.  If they are not practicing on the field everyday or preparing for their next game, they will not have the success to win at all.

So what strategies are you currently using to achieve your goals?  Are they working?  If they are not working, it is time to change your approach to creating and sticking to goals.  Nothing in life is going to happen unless you make it happen.  You need to have a game plan and get out there and play the game.

Start by sitting down on a Sunday evening and listing your goals for the week.  Make a list:  go to the gym three times this week, go to lunch with mom on Thursday, clean out my desk at work on Monday morning, have a date night with my husband Friday night, etc.  You get the picture.  Do not overdue it though. 

Do not try and list 30 things that you know you can’t do in a week.  So along comes Monday morning and you get to work and decide you can put off cleaning your desk until tomorrow.  I don’t think so, Hun.  You cannot procrastinate when you are trying to reach goals.  As the saying goes, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  So get to cleaning out that desk and then cross it off your list.

After work on Monday, hit the gym, also hit the gym Wednesday and Thursday, go to lunch with mom on Thursday and meet hubby at the finest restaurant in town after work on Friday.  And voila!  You have accomplished your goals for the week.  Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

If you happen to slip one week and not get something done, don’t beat yourself over it.  Try and determine why it happened and fix it for next week’s goals.

Mind and Personal Power

September 28, 2009 by admin  
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Achieving personal power is all in your mind. If you put your mind power to it, you can achieve anything you want in life. The first thing you need to do is take responsibility. You must realize that every single thing that has happened in your life has happened because you either created or caused it.

You must take responsibility and not try and pass the blame to everyone else. You need to stand up and learn to be responsible. Now that is not to say that you have always had the power to control every single thing that has happened in your life but how you interpret those things is the power that only you have and you can change what happens in the future.
Take the time and really listen to what people are telling you. Yes we hear everything people tell us, but do we really listen. When you sit down and really listen to what someone is saying to you, you have the knowledge of what they are telling you.

Focus on maintaining the things you have possession rather than acquiring new things. People are so materialistic these days. You have the power and the control to keep your materials in manageable condition.

Watch your finances closely. Life is not always about money but fact it, money is power. It is the power to take your yearly vacation. It is the power to buy that new car you have been eyeing.

Reward yourself when you have accomplished a goal. Say you have set a goal of losing 10 pounds. You use your mind power and stick to that goal. Once you reach that goal, treat yourself to a new scarf or a massage at the local spa. You come first and you need to always remember that.

The key to mind power is to be honest about what you want in your life. Are you studying to be a nurse because your mom is a nurse? Do you have a job as a teacher because that is what your dad wanted you to do? What about what you want? You cannot begin to have what you want until you fully understand why you have what you have now.

Your primary goal in life is to create your own independence. You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. No one is going with you. Now that is not to say that you don’t need family, friends, spouses and children if that is what you desire but you should not have to depend on anyone for your basic needs. If you were left alone in this world, you should be able to survive with no problem.

Personal power is a great thing, but so is mind power.

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